Hospital Managment System (HMS)

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HMS covers the complete work flow to run small to big hospitals including IP, OP, Pharmacy, Lab, Nursing, OT

This Atri has many solutions to cater to each and every need to manage your hospital, whether it is a small clinic or a multi-bedded hospital or a pharmacy or a diagnostic lab. Our peripheral applications like HR, LMS (Linen Management System), HKS (House Keeping System), Ticketing System, Image processing, Vital Status, Credit Billing etc., caters to the specific needs of any hospital and these applications are unique to Atri and are not available with other S/W solution providers in medical field.

All our applications are web-based and are developed using open-source, which gives the flexibility of accessing the applications from anywhere and on any device. The open-source approach eliminates the need for the purchase of third party S/W licenses, thus making our applications very cost effective.

Our core applications Pharmacy, Lab, Clinic Management (OP, Pharmacy and Lab) and Hospital Management (IP, OP, Pharmacy, Lab, Nursing, OT, Billing caters ) to every need of Hospital Management.

Out Patient management

Out Patient Services (OP)

OP application handles various functions like Registration, Appointments, Consultations and Billing. A highly user friendly, cloud based interface with appropriate level of access control for various users based on their specific roles.

In Patient management

In Patient Services (IP)

IP module handles various functions like unique ID assignment, patient personal data, room and ward management process and insurance verification.

nursing management


Nursing module helps in maintaining various forms like Nurse Assessment form, Doctor Assessment form etc., There is provision for maintaining Vitals, Doctor visit details, Nurse Notes, Allergy Details, Drug details, Investigation details etc., This module also helps in managing Cross Consultancy, complete details of IP Services used etc., This module helps in managing Bed Transfer if the patient requests for the same

lab management

Lab Management System (LAB)

Lab management is a critical requirement of high level method management and displaying of smooth functioning with patients Samples and report creation. Our Lab Management in HIMS but using Barcodes to regulate automatic sample collections with negligible errors. These practices facilitate the lab department to procure and process high number of samples per hour, which obviously reduces man power, while adhering to NABL .This module gathers the results of patient Investigations and History Reports and integrates them with various nursing stations engaged by the HIMS.

billing management


Billing module provides efficient & transparent Billing Management, covering op/ip, pharmacy and lab billing within the hospital.

operation theatre managment

Operation Theatre (OT)

OT module is designed to schedule and managing various surgeries in the hospital. This module is integrated with other modules for smooth management of pre and post operative care for the patient. All the scheduled surgeries along with patient and doctor details are displayed for the selected date. This module helps in changing of surgeons in case of non-availability of assigned surgeon. This module supports on-line case-sheet management.



Pharmacy application covers end to end flow of retail pharmacy from receipt of stock from stockiest to selling of drugs, billing with GST, alert with list of drugs which reached below the defined threshold limit, various reports encompassing current stock, sales for a selected period etc.