Vital Status

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Vital Status Application takes care of submission of form ‘F’ to the appropriate authorities by Gynecologists and labs doing tests on pregnant women. In addition, this application also helps in keeping the patient images and reports in the database which are useful for future retrieval.

This is for labs where pregnancy related tests are done and form ‘F’ (Form for Maintenance of Record in Respect of Pregnant woman by Genetic clinic/Ultrasound clinic/Image Centre) to be submitted to Appropriate Authority declaring that the test results were not used for determination of sex of the foetus.

This application covers Patient registration, necessary online forms to record scan results for 11 possible scans that can be performed on a pregnant woman and online form ‘F’

This application helps in preparing necessary bundle to be submitted to Appropriate Authority on a monthly basis which consists of summary sheet with details of all the pregnant woman who got scanned in the facility and form ‘F’ for each applicable candidate signed by the patient and the doctor

This application maintains test results in the database which can be retrieved efficiently through search option thus saving paper and making it easy to demonstrate necessary proof during any audit by Department of Health.


Vital Status Gyn Scan


Vital Status Medical Record


Vital Status Monthly Report