Clinic Managment System (CMS)

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CMS addresses the needs of a small clinic/hospital including Out Patient, Lab and Pharmacy

This is an application covering functionality for maintenance of single doctor clinic to multi-doctor clinic covering patient registration, on-line appointment, prescription, billing.

This application is tightly integrated with pharmacy and lab which is useful for clinics integrated with lab and pharmacy.

Our application can maintain patient’s medical record which is very useful for looking into the history of the patient.

Our application has reports with details on turnaround time between in-time and out-time which can be used as a measure to improve the performance.

Out Patient management

Out Patient (OP)

OP application handles various functions like Registration, Appointments, Consultations and Billing. A highly user friendly, cloud based interface with appropriate level of access control for various users based on their specific roles. Read More

lab management


Our lab application covers functionality for independent lab as well as lab associated with a hospital with functionality to associate lab results with patient record for easy retrival. Our lab application covers end to end functionality from patient registration to completion of tests including lab billing, storage of lab test results etc., with various reports like patient lab report history, referral doctor wise reports, Billing details reports etc., Read More



Pharmacy application covers end to end flow of retail pharmacy from receipt of stock from stockiest to selling of drugs, billing with GST, alert with list of drugs which reached below the defined threshold limit, various reports encompassing current stock, sales for a selected period etc. Read More