Image Processing

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This is Atri’s premium s/w which can push images from X-Ray, Ultra Sound, Cath Lab, CT Scan and MRI machines into centralized server and the images can be shared across intranet or internet for easy access to the doctors and also helps in completing Aarogya Seva submissions much easier by avoiding the in-between steps like printing the images on films and then converting them into digital format.

Converts medical scans and x-rays from DICOM to JPEG format and shares these images through the intranet or internet using our application as required. These images can be edited which encompasses zooming, cropping, contrast, brightness etc.,

The images can be accessed from Intranet or Internet thus making it convenient for the doctor to have access to patient’s scans from anywhere and on any device.


The application provides options like editing the image, uploading and downloading of edited images, rotate image and view multiple images on one screen with the help of horizontal and vertical screens including adjustment of brightness, Zoom-In and Zoom- Out, Invert, download of Images.

Voids the necessity to print the images on x-ray films and then to scan them for submission to Arogyasri for release of funds by directly submitting the JPEG images which are available through this application. This saves considerable cost to the organization in terms of x-ray film and the effort to print and scan the images for submission to NTR Arogya Seva which is exclusively useful in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Image Processing Patient details

Image Processing Patient details

Image Processing Patient details